Forgotten Cookies


​​​Preheat oven to 375° F.

2 egg whites (absolutely no yolk)
¾ up sugar (beat in gradually)

Stir in:
pinch of salt
1 tsp vanilla
mini chocolate chips or cut-up chocolate bar (green Aero bars works well,
​especially when making cookies at Christmas time.)

Grease cookie sheet. Drop mix by teaspoon. Put in oven then turn off oven
​right away and leave 8 hours. That's why they're called forgotten cookies.
​Had you worried there for a minute, eh?

FOREVER ENDS by Carol Hibbs

A move to another part of the province is Gabrielle's greatest transition. It is a turning point she and her sons desperately need. A new and safe house would be a wonderful change, or so she hopes. The house is haunted, or possessed, or something too evil to even imagine.

Gabrielle isn’t planning on any romances, never mind falling in love with her gorgeous cabin building neighbour, Ryan. Bad things seemed to happen to people she loved. It is impossible to resist Ryan, and lunacy to assist Christina, the young girl that is either trapped somehow in Gabrielle's house, or trapped in someone's world. Her sons, friends, Ryan and his daughter, Tess, helps her to save Christina.