Halloween Story
by Carol Hibbs

Once upon a Halloween there was this ghost who lost his sheet. The poor little ghost wasn't quite the same. Without his sheet, he just wasn't all there. He was invisible. How could he scare anyone like that?

He went all around the town looking for something to wear. He climbed to the top of the flagpole and took the Canadian flag and wrapped it around himself. But the red maple leaf across his back wasn't for him. It didn't look scary enough. He put it back. He flew across the town looking for something else that would work. On someone's clothesline he found a sheet with colourful flowers on it. He was happy to have found a sheet! He pulled it over his head and looked down at it...but flowers didn't work either. “What will I do?” said the ghost. “And on Halloween too!” He put back the sheet and sighed. He looked around and then he notice Halloween decorations on the lawn. Where he was, there were witches and bats...and GHOSTS! He flew over to them and said, “buddies, can you help me? I've lost my sheet. I'm nothing without my sheet!” The other ghosts said nothing. “Hello,” said the ghost. “Are you guys awake in there?” The other ghosts still said nothing. Finally the ghost realized that these ghosts were just more of the decorations. He had an idea. He took one of the ghost's sheets off and put it on himself. It fit. It looked good. He was whole again. But then…he stopped to look at what had been holding up the sheet he took. It was a jack-o-lantern.

“Boo!” said the jack-o-lantern. The ghost was so scared, he flew all the way back to his haunted house.

Tell story to children, using props: plastic wrap ghost, small flag, flowery material, white material, and a small jack-o-lantern (preferably one that sits on a flashlight, turn light on for “Boo!”)




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