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Since I was very young the journey I've traveled has been very tiring, very trying and long, but promising (I'm still working on the end result.)

I'm grateful for the never-ending forks in the road, decisions made from past experiences and intuition. They have brought me to where I am. Today my life is far from perfect. Some might say, “Poor you!” They wouldn't though. That might be rude. I am thankful for so much, even though I have so little.

Lately I've been complaining about my life and the city I live in. The other day my friend told me I’ve nothing to complain about! "Your life really isn't that bad!" she said. She then proceeded to remind me of some good things in my life. It made me think of all I have to be grateful for.

I work 9 months out of the year. I receive 2 weeks off during winter break, one week during spring break and 2 months in summer. She reminded me that I’ve always been grateful for that time off, time with my two sons (Will and Scott.) I work 5 and a half hours a day and I don’t bring work home. Really, I'm grateful for my job, really!

As simple as it seems, I’m enjoying the small fact that I can see, hear and walk (so far.) I can sing (well not really.) I can dance. I can listen to music, I can read a book and I can enjoy the computer (I love the computer.) But…freedom and choices. We forget, or we all never realized that some people don’t have any choices to make. Sometimes we may feel that our choices are limited but isn’t getting up every morning a choice?

Obviously I have a job. My boys go to school. That’s a lot right there! We have an apartment. It's small, but it's home! Every night I feel content when I go to bed and when I wake.

I’m thankful for my comfy bed, though I wish I had more time to stay in it. I feel lucky to have a sewing machine, knitting needles, crochet hook and all my craft books. Again, time! Talent wouldn’t hurt either!

I’m grateful for my children, Will and Scott. The many things they’ve given me, good and bad. The person I’ve become and the ‘me’ I will continue to develop is, in part, because of what they’ve taught me. I’m forever thankful that Will and Scott have always been friends, to each other. Thank you guys! Many years ago I decided to give Will a brother because he was such a wonderful child and he gave me so much. I had to give him something back and that was a brother. I'm so glad I did. I'm so glad they have each other. Being such good kids and best friends to each other must be their way of thanking me for the choice I had made 15 years ago.

I'm grateful for my sisters, my many friends, co-workers and co-board members. I don't know where I'd be without all of them! They mean more to me than I can say.

I’m grateful for knowledge, wisdom and intuition, even though I know there’s still so much to learn and go through. Can’t wait!

Music! Did I mention music? My thanks to music is never ending. The different kinds of music to listen to, depending on one’s mood and/need.

Where I live we don’t pay for water (not yet anyway.) It’s fresh and delicious and it's not fluoridated. I’m grateful for fresh drinking water that costs the people nothing. I’m not grateful for mosquitoes. I’m sure they have their uses but there are so many where I live. Sand flies and black flies aren’t my favourite either. So, of course I’m grateful to bats, dragonflies and birds. I’m also thankful for bees, ladybugs and butterflies. I’m thankful for my cat, Princess, too. Even if she doesn’t eat mosquitoes it’s nice to have a furry friend in the family.

I’m grateful for strawberries. I'm thankful for Health Books and self-help books.

I appreciate the beauty that I see. Sunflowers that follow the sun all day, I wish I could do that too, sometimes. Rabbits that play in the sun or find refuge from it. Grateful maybe isn’t the right word for rainbows, sundogs, sheet lightning (I’ve only ever seen once,) northern lights and Harvest moons. The delectation of summer. The long summer days are appreciated. Maybe grateful isn’t the right word!

I'm grateful I'm free. I'm thankful I'm me and I'm becoming who I want to be, again. Independent, self-reliant and able to choose for myself and my children. No real obligation or commitment to anyone but Will and Scott. I'm learning and changing all the time. I'm almost becoming who I used to be, but different. Smarter. Better. I'm happy with my life now and good things are happening everyday. I'm excited about this new chapter in my life. At first I was so scared. I don't deal with major changes very well. I'm not afraid anymore. I believe that something wonderful is about to happen. I just don't know what it is yet. January 12, 2007

I’m sure there’s a lot more that I’m grateful for. I'm sure I'll update this in a month or two.

Carol Bruneau

P.S. I'd like to thank all the people who've been helping us out through this latest transition. Also, Christmas would've been very sad for my family without our 'Christmas Angels.' From the boys and I, thank you. December 24, 2006


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