Little Fish

Little fish goes out to play,
He wiggles fins,
Then swims away.
He swims and he swims in the water bright.
He opens his mouth then takes a bite.
Mmm. Tastes good!

Wiggly Caterpillar

The wiggly, little caterpillar wriggles all around.
Climbs up a rock and then he slithers down.
Plunks into the water and looks up at the sky.
For one day he'll be a butterfly and far away he'll fly.

Spring is Here

Raindrops, raindrops, falling all around.
Flowers, flowers, peeping through the ground.
Raindrops, raindrops, listen to their sound.
Spring's here! Spring's here! Flowers all around.

Spring is Here #2

The wind told the grasses
The grasses told the trees
The trees told the bushes
And the bushes told the bees.
The bees told the robin
And the robin sang out clear,
Wake, wake up! Spring is here.