Wax Crayon Art

                                                                             Melted Crayons

white paper, precut to fit base of pan
old crayons of assorted colours
hot plate and round pan
cloth and water to wash pan in between creations
oven mitts for you and child

Wth supervision, have children draw/melt crayons in a pan, while pan is heated over hot plate, on low heat. Place paper on drawing, pat down using oven mitt or spoon. Lift paper and place somewhere safe to dry. Let child see how it turned out.

                                                                            Crayon shavings

old crayons, take off paper
wax paper
masking tape, for children's names

Either shave crayons ahead of time, with a carrot peeler, and place different colours in separate containers or let children help, using carrot peelers, to shave crayons. Let children use the crayon shavings to create a picture in between two pieces of waxed paper, waxy side in. Use iron, on low, to melt and seal their creations.